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Thank you for allowing us to share with you this amazing variety of art images that will surely please, excite, and inspire you towards decorating, beautifying and enlivening every wall in every room of your home or office. And, whether you're an art enthusiast, collector or someone looking to purchase your first piece of art, our goal is to make D B International your choice for unique fine art prints, posters, originals, limited editions, and oil paintings.


Our president and CEO, Dennis DeLoach, launched what was first a publishing company back in 1978. A few years later, he met artists Walt Walker and Bob Smith.

And, as they say, "the rest is history." He ran an art and framing business at two Los Angeles area malls in the mid-2000's, while hosting weekend "home art shows".  It was an endeavor that took him to such places as Reno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Diego, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area.


Fast forward to today, Mr. DeLoach still has a passion for art and framing, and this website represents his latest effort in providing quality products at affordable prices, with integrity and incomparable customer service.

Custom Framing

Our custom framing involves more than putting artwork in frames.

Therefore, pricing depends on type, size and quality of frames, as well as glass type and whether or not matting is included. Matting is the creative constructive material surrounding the art piece which embellishes project once inside the frame.

With the aforementioned variables in mind, the following information should be helpful prior to speaking to D B International's expert framing technicians.

* Small frames $25 - $75  |  Medium size. $75 - $150  |  Large frames $150 - $275 *

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